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Events in October 2020

The Transitus of St Francis

The service combines Evening Prayer I for the Feast of St Francis with a reading of the account of Francis’s final days from the First Life by Brother Thomas of Celano. We invite all who wish to join with us in a celebration of the Transitus on Saturday 3rd October after the Vigil Mass at around 7.15 p.m. in our Church.

The Solemnity of St Francis

Sunday 4th October is the solemnity of our Holy Father St Francis, founder of Franciscan Order and patron of our Parish. Solemn Masses will be held at all Sunday Masses including Saturday Vigil Mass at 6.30 pm. Everyone who attends Mass can receive the plenary indulgence under usual conditions.

Events in November 2020

November Dead Lists 2020

The November dead lists are available at the back of the Church. These will be placed under the altar during November and each day Mass will be offered for all those mentioned on the lists.

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