Events in November 2021

November Dead Lists

A box with your November dead lists has been placed in front of the altar during November and every day Mass will be offered for all those on the lists.

Don't forget to check that the names of your loved ones are included on our Prayers Page. Why not write them a brief epitaph and email your request to St Francis Church on

First Sunday of Advent
Sunday 28th November 2021

Events in December 2021

Second Sunday of Advent
Sunday 5th December 2021

Third Sunday of Advent
Sunday 12th December 2021

Fourth Sunday of Advent
Sunday 19th December 2021

Nativity Of The Lord
Saturday 25th December 2021

Holy Family
Sunday 26th December 2021

Future Events

Chester Sacrament of Confirmation
Wednesday 23rd February 2022

The long awaited, next Chester parishes Sacrament of Confirmation celebration will be on Wednesday 23rd February 2022 at St. Columba’s. To be Confirmed in February, you must already be at high school now, however there is no upper age limit.

If you wish to be Confirmed, want information or have any questions, please email or contact Denise Lusk on 01244 379742. If you wish to join the adult preparation group, please also introduce yourself to Father William.

Relics of St Bernadette of Lourdes to visit the Diocese of Shrewsbury - Autumn 2022

St Bernadette of Lordes

The relics of St Bernadette will visit the Diocese of Shrewsbury next year as part of a national tour of Britain.

A section of bone from her thigh is to be taken to the major cathedrals and churches of the dioceses of England, Scotland and Wales in autumn 2022.

It will give British Catholics the chance to make a personal pilgrimage to the French saint, to venerate her and to pray for her intercession.

The Rt Rev. Mark Davies, the Bishop of Shrewsbury, said: “I look forward to welcoming the relics of St Bernadette of Lourdes to this Shrewsbury Diocese. Many pilgrims have journeyed to Lourdes over the years to pray alongside St Bernadette – and now it seems Lourdes is coming to us by the visit of the relics. May the example and prayers of St Bernadette lead us in 2022 to renewed faith and love for the Holy Eucharist.”

Her feast day 16th April 2022 has been added to our Feast Days page. The full article and details of St Bernadette's life are available on the Diosese of Shrewsbury website by clicking on this link.

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