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Prayers are requested for those whose anniversaries occur this month. May they Rest In Peace. To add relatives, dates or a personalised epitaph to the anniversary list please email the information to;

'Resting In The Arms Of Angels' composed by Phillip Allan, performed by Rosanna Rigby and the Sapphire Blue Choir  [click for further information]

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1.1Anne Constance Beatty (2023)
2.1Francis M Clarke (1999),   James Flaherty (1999),    Joseph Smith (1997)
3.1Phyllis O’Meara (1999)
4.1John Toner (2000),   Dennis Spielman (1999)
5.1Emma Serrum (2003)
6.1Brendan Christopher Edward Whelan (2010)
7.1John McCann (2001)
9.1Marcella McCann (2003)
10.1Beatrice Clarke (1996)
11.1Anne Daly (2019),   Gillian Prescott (2010)
12.1Timothy John Ehlen (2015),   James Doyle (2004)
14.1Frank McHugh (2002)
15.1Sylvy Johnson (2005)
17.1Ag (Agnes) Scanlan (2023),   Peter Spargo (2004),   Annie Humphries (1999)
18.1Marion Adelaide Virdi (2010)
19.1Alethea Griffith (2005),   Phillip Smith (2003)
21.1Anthony Comerford (2005)
23.1Mary Winifred Pritchard (2010)
24.1Kenneth James Barnes (2010),   Anna Jensen (2004),    Michael O’Leary (2001),   Catherine McHugh (1974)
25.1Annie McCarthy (2005),   Kenneth Vickers (1998)
27.1Noel St. John-Williams (2011),   Bernadette Eaton (2002)
29.1Nancy Banks (2005),   Hanna Keller (2001),    John Wildig (1997)
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13.2.2021Iris Pritchard'Iris was a parishioner at St. Francis for many years. She was a reader, Eucharistic Minister, Church Cleaner, Flower Arranger and member of the social committee. She moved into a nursing home in Malpas for the last few years of her life. On her death the family had the service at Chester Crematorium and with lockdown etc sadly Iris did not get the farewell deserving of such a lovely person.'  Rita McHugh, May 2021
26.2.2010Alejandra'Please say a prayer for my sister Alejandra who passed away on February 26th of 2010. This year it will be 8 years since she left us and she is dearly missed.'  Luciana, February 2018
1.2Reg Buckland (2019)
2.2Joan Hodson (2010)
4.2George Michael Jones (2020),   Norma Dempsey (2016),   Dorothy Roberts (2004),   Olive Buckley (1997)
5.2Francis Taylor (1996)
7.2Kay Naylor (2012),   Janet Davies (2005)
9.2George Duncan Ross (2016),   Richard Chadwick (1998)
10.2Winifred Davies (1996),   Michael O’Sullivan (1996),    Tony McHugh (1978)
12.2Francis Neal (1996)
13.2Iris Pritchard (2021),   Michael O’Sullivan (1996),    Eileen Patricia Barlow (2010)
16.2Terry Cunniffe (2016)
17.2Dora Bromfield (1999)
18.2Alan Lloyd (2018)
21.2Eileen Jones (2016)
24.2Mary Slater (1997)
25.2John Fitzpatrick (2017),   George John Hewitt (2015)
26.2Margaret Peggy McHugh (2015),   Alejandra (2010),   Margaret Reynolds (2004)
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1.3.2006Alma Humphreys'A very special, Mum, Nan and Nonnina. We will always love and miss you.'  Lesley Burns, March 2015
30.3.1982Mary Winefride Sperring'My Mother was a parishioner for many years. She died on 30th March 1982.'  Rita James, March 2015
1.3Alma Humphreys (2006),   May Littler (1996),    Ernest Caine (1996)
3.3Carmelia Devine (2001)
6.3Christine Elizabeth Scanlan (2019),   Desmond O’Connor (2005)
7.3Colin Williams (2022),   Clifford Jones (2001)
8.3Alma Humphries (2009)
9.3Thomas Bromfield (2002),   Margaret Bruce (1997)
11.3Michael Maughan (2001)
15.3Norman Ible (2001),   Mary Barker (1999),    Phyllis Beane (1998)
16.3Annie Johnson (2003),   Peggy Holmes (2001),    Stephen Nash (2000)
18.3Anne Martin (2010),   Kenneth Ryan (2005)
19.3Aloysius Conroy (2009),   Sidney Tulloch (2001)
20.3Olive Iden (2002),   Geoffrey Long (2002),    Martin Desmond (2002)
22.3John Jones (2002),   Annie Madeline Finney (1998)
23.3Muriel Vickers (2016),   Jean Margaret Noon (2010),   Lillian Hopkins (2001)
24.3Marjorie Bicker (TBA)
27.3Ann Sanchez-Chijarro (2003),   Norah Dixon (2000)
29.3Anthony Geraghty (2002),   Kathleen Doyle (1999)
30.3Winefride Sperring (1981)
31.3James O’Connor (1996)
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1.4.2008Betty Winder'My mother was a convert and faithful parishioner who worked tirelessly for the church for many years for which she was awarded the Benemerenti medal. She died 1st April 2008.' Margaret Dennis (nee Winder), March 2017
16.4.2023Maria Maddalena OwenA beautiful testimony has been written by Maria's husband Paul. This is available to read as item number 430. 'Funeral Mass and Testimony for Mrs Maria Maddalena Owen' on our Library page.
1.4Maureen Nield (2004),   Nan Behan (2002),    Marguerita Morgan (2001)
3.4Sophie Capel (2004)
4.4Jim Foy (2018),   Norma Hughes (2004)
6.4Brian Huntington (2002)
9.4Mary Houlihan (2003)
10.4Juanita Neal (2003)
11.4Pam Wood (2015),   William Patrick Hill (2015),   Edmund McGuire (1996)
12.4Veronica Underwood (2000)
14.4Eric Barlow (2004),   John Chesters (1997)
15.4Mary (Molly) Franchetti (2010),   Matilda Maxwell (2004)
16.4Maria Maddalena Owen (2023),   Pedro Sanchez-Guiarro (2004)
19.4Iris Heswall (1996)
21.4Robert Court (1998),   Sophie Larkin (1998)
22.4Michael Lukasz Janda (2010),   Kathleen Johnson (1996)
23.4Susan Ann Tamagni (2023),   Mary Scalley (2009)
25.4Daniel McLoughlin (2011),   Karen Betteridge (2002)
26.4John Casey (1996)
27.4Irene Hughes (1996)
28.4Leslie Badrock (2004)
29.4Eric Dobson (2004),   Lillian Dutton (2003)
30.4James Humphreys (TBA),   Ann Frawley (1998)
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7.5.2015Pearl Theresa McMahon'Pearl passed away peacefully at Weatherstones Nursing Home, aged 92 years. Loving mother to Pamela, Margaret, Barbara and Aileen. Will be sadly missed by her grandchildren and great-grandchildren and all family and friends.'  Chester Chronicle, May 2015
29.5.1967Alfred Wright'My father, time will not fade your memory.'  Philip Alan Wright, May 2015
30.5.1993Anthony Joseph Creighton'Thank you to Fr Lawrence for his prayers and support when Dad died.'  Mary Birchall, March 2018
4.5Pauline O’Connor (1997)
6.5Sophi Coati (2003)
7.5Pearl Theresa McMahon (2015),   Stella Harvey (2003)
8.5Leonard Morgan (2004),   Christopher Brown (2002)
10.5Violet Siddall (2002),   Ann Hunter (2001)
11.5Michael Johnson (2002),   Margaret Probert (1998)
13.5Eileen Holmes (2003)
14.5John Dunn (2000),   Ivy Lloyd (1997)
16.5Thomas Coffey (2003)
18.5Pamela Mycock (1997)
19.5Thomas Phillips (2005),   Anne Roberts (2004),    Ben O’Brien (2001),   Anna Williams (1998)
20.5Helen Venn (1998)
21.5Charlotte Mary Mason (2010),   Andrew Young (2001)
23.5Francis Gallagher (2012),   Sebastian Beatty (2005)
26.5Margaret Payne (2004)
27.5Margaret Lindsell (2001),   Bridget Williams (2000)
29.5Alfred Wright (1967)
30.5Anthony Joseph Creighton (1993)
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1.6.2001 Edwin Thomas Sperring'My father, better known as Ted in the parish, died on 1st June 2001. He was an altar server for more than 60 years. He was also a sacristan and received the Benemerenti medal.'  Rita James, March 2015
1.6Edwin Sperring (2001)
2.6Barney Scalley (2003)
4.6Catherine McCarthy (2005)
7.6Alice Hull (2004) ,   Ruth Roberts (2001)
9.6Paddy McHugh (1979)
10.6John Williams (1999)
11.6William Stanton (1999),   Maria Arcari (1997)
15.6Brenda Capper (1999)
16.6Joseph Byrne (2004)
17.6Christine Ann Jones (2015)
20.6Patricia Fields (1996),   Verdin Snell (1997)
21.6Thomas Haddock (1998)
22.6Alan Naylor (1996)
24.6Margaret Williams (2023),   Philomena May Robinson (2019)
25.6Dermot Gaughram (1999),   Frederick Lloyd (1989)
28.6May Frachotti (1997)
29.6Phyllis Lightfoot (2005),   Wilfred Dean (1996)
30.6Jane Cole (2005),   Josephine Carrier (2000)
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31.7.2022Brother Adrian Marsh'The Brothers would like to thank everyone for their kind expressions of sympathy following the death of Br. Adrian OFM.Cap and they would like to offer their appreciation to those who attended the reception into the Church on the Monday evening and also the Requiem Mass showing their support and respect for such a well-loved Brother.'
17.7.2015Teresa Mary Creighton'Thank you to Fr Jim for his prayers and support when Mum died.'  Mary Birchall, March 2018
1.7Michael Flaherty (2000)
2.7Christina Milton (2017),   Eileen Davies (2005),   John Jackson (2003)
4.7James Smith (2003)
7.7Gerald Simblett (2019)
6.7Margery Kennedy (2002)
9.7Winifred Salter (2017),   William Sweeney (1996)
12.7Pauline (Polly) Rowlands (2018),   Kathleen McGrath (1998)
13.7Margaret Broderick (2001)
14.7Thomas Barlow (1997)
15.7Mary Rudham (1997)
16.7John Metcalfe (2001),   Mary Hodgson (1996)
17.7 Teresa Mary Creighton (2015),   Thomas Hodgson (1996)
19.7Josef Aplas (2001)
20.7Mary Guiney (2001)
21.7Raymond McMahon (2002)
23.7Dorothy Lucas (2009)
26.7Fred Lloyd (1989),   Gary Scanlan (TBA)
27.7Winifred Dunn (2002)
29.7Gwendoline Snowe (2004),   Gerard Rimmer (1999)
31.7Brother Adrian Marsh (2022),   Brian Moon (2004)
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8.8.2015Chris RoachChris was a friend of St Francis Church and wrote a song for Father Francis called 'Footsteps'. Here is quote from the song; 'My son, my son, I'm always here, in sunshine or in rain, You know this I have told you so, again and again.'  Bob Roach, October 2015
16.8.2014Brother LawrenceBrother Lawrence was born in Birmingham to Marian and Maria (Giovannone) Pozzuoli on 14th December 1916 and given the name Leonard. He was ordained on the 17th March 1945. He worked in India and New Guinea being assigned to the Chester fraternity in 1989. To see Br Lawrence's full epitaph click  here. Br Jarek, August 2014
3.8Margaret Vickers (1996)
4.8May Owen (1999)
5.8Kathleen Swindley (2003)
6.8Margaret Rogers (2014)
8.8Chris Roach (2015)
9.8Catherine Caine (1998)
10.8Nora Brennan (1999)
12.8Frances Warburton (2003),   Mary Fox (1996)
13.8Alphonsus Roche (2005),   Jane Wilbraham (2003)
15.8Eileen Roberts (2003)
16.8Br Lawrence (2014),   Florence Taylor (2000)
17.8Eileen Bowen (2001),   Margaret Williams (1998)
18.8Mary Immaculate Casinader (TBA),   William Stebbings (1998)
22.8John Smith (1998)
24.8Bertram Joseph Haddock (2005),   Agnes Gentile (1999)
28.8Mary Margaret Smith (2000)
29.8Antilio Gentile (1999),   Osmund Cooper (1996),   Gerard Edmund Fields (1996)
30.8John Frederick Payoler (1996)
31.8Joseph Gerard Walsh (1998),   Dennis Michael O’Halloran (1996)
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1.9Christopher Lee McKeown (2001)
3.9Winifred Mary Rose (1999)
8.9Martin Quain (2002)
10.9Winifred Tickle (2002)
11.9Vincent Martin Melia (2009),   Patricia Holmes (2000),   Patrick McGrath (1999),   Eileen Thompson (1998),   John Coyle (1998),   Margaret Robins (1996)
13.9Angela Stanley (2014)
17.9Mary Elizabeth Ford (2017)
18.9Julie Briordy (1997)
19.9Ada Morton (2017)
20.9Dorothy Hughes (2003),   Brian James Humphreys (TBA),   Michael O’Sullivan (1998)
22.9Edward Lindop (1998),   Alma Victoria Hewitt (1997)
26.9Kenneth Roberts (1997)
28.9Waltaud Abt (1997),   Winifred Joyce Dutton (1996),   John Henry Dodd (1996)
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31.10.2012John Doran'John passed away aged 46. He was a man of deep faith, loved and respected by his wife Aleta and his daughters Anastasia, Cecilia and Susanna.'  Aleta Doran, April 2015
31.10.1994Katherine Jessica Gannon'In loving memory of Katherine who passed away aged 7 years. As Angels hovered o'er the earth, This blossom met their eyes; So wondrous fair they marked it out, As fit for Paradise.'  Elizabeth, November 2022
1.10Linda O’Malley (2002),   Anthony O’Malley (2002)
3.10Geoffrey Phillip McGowan (2004)
4.10Carmel Joan Austin (2001),   Anthony John Barker (1997)
5.10Marjory Hoban (2000),   Bridget Acari (1997)
6.10Theresa Mary Millington (TBA)
8.10Helen Smith (2005),   Marjory Bruce (2000)
11.10Christopher Barry Kennedy (2010)
12.10John Briordy (TBA)
13.10Guisseppe De Rose (2003),   Reginald Dobbins (1997)
14.10Thomas Power (1998)
16.10William Anthony Pritchard (2004),   Michael Leo Hughes (1999)
17.10Edward Morton (1998)
19.10Veronica Moss (2000),   Ronald Robinson (1998)
24.10Barbara Josephine Crofts (1996)
26.10Mr R. M. Vickers (2012),   Marjory Wood (1999)
27.10Jacques Vincent (1999),   Joseph Franks (1998)
28.10Peter Jackson (2017),   Elsie Kavanagh (2004)
31.10John Doran (2012),   William Rafferty (2003),   Katherine Jessica Gannon (1994)
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18.11.2019Christina North'Our candle in the wind has gone out, but will live in our hearts for ever. Rest in peace Chris. Forever in our thoughts.' Love Rog and Di, December 2019
19.11.2016Peter Winder'Peter was an Extraordinary Minister of the Eucharist for over 40 years and he was one of the most involved persons in the parish ministries through all his life.' Br Jarek, November 2016
1.11Donald James Cunningham (1999)
2.11John Rogers (2016),   Hilda Mabel Evans (2004)
6.11John Parnell (2011)
8.11Violet McLoughlin (2016),   Mary Josephine Woods (1999)
11.11Madalena Law (2004)
12.11Kathleen Jones (2010)
15.11Sarah Nevin (2001),   Mabel Beatrice Crossley (1996)
16.11Gladys Delander (2000),   Andrew Thomas Sanchez (1997)
18.11Christina North (2019),   William Slater (2002)
19.11Peter Winder (2016),   Nell Tobin (2005)
21.11Derek Anthony Wright (1952)
25.11Florence 'Dolly' Jones (2013)
27.11Bernadette Taylor (2003)
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1.12.1990Gladys Mary Wright'My mother, resting in the arms of angels.'  Philip Alan Wright, June 2015
1.12Winnifred Wightman (2018),   Margarita Longworth (2004),   Terance Bennett (2004),    Sampson Jones (1997),   Gladys Mary Wright (1990)
3.12Priscilla Hassall (2007)
7.12Mary Agnes Cotter (1998)
8.12Joan Ledsham (1998)
9.12Ronald William Keating, Snr (2022),   James Eaton (2003)
10.12Kathleen Mahony (2009),   Adela Taylor (1999)
12.12Catherine Withers (2002),   Eileen Catherine Phillips (2001)
14.12Joan Badrock (2000)
18.12Joan Irene Warne (1998)
20.12Joseph Charles Jones (2001)
21.12Bernadette Randles (2004),   John Christopher Carrier (2000)
22.12Thomas John Kibbey (2009)
24.12Christina St. John Williams (2010),   Phillip Nugent (1999)
25.12Jennifer Elaine Smythe (1997)
26.12Mabel Violet Linfoot (2009)
27.12Maxine Josephine Boswell (2013)
28.12James Fahey (1997),   John Taylor (1997)
29.12John Griffith (1998),   Nathan McMaster (1997)
30.12John R. Lloyd (2011),   Doris Fry (2009)
31.12Peter Cummins (2015),   Patricia Mary Power (2009)
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