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St. Francis of Assisi  (4th October)

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January 2021

DateFeast Day (click on the name to find out further information)
Friday 1st January    Solemnity of Mary, Mother of God  
Saturday 2nd January    St. Basil The Great  Bishop, c330 – 379
St. Gregory Nazianzen  Bishop, c329 – 389
Monday 4th January    St Elizabeth  1271 - 1336
Tuesday 6th January    St John Neumann  Bishop, 1811 - 1860
Wednesday 6th January    Epiphany of the Lord  
Thursday 7th January    St Raymond of Peρafort  Priest c1175 - 1275
Sunday 10th January    The Baptism of the Lord  
Tuesday 12th January    St. Aelred of Rievaulx  Abbot, c1110 – 1167
Wednesday 13th January     St. Hilary  Bishop, c315 - 368
Sunday 17th January    St. Anthony  Abbot, c251 - 356
Tuesday 19th January    St. Wulstan  Bishop, c1008 - 1095
Wednesday 20th January    St. Fabian  Pope, 236 - 250
St. Sebastian  Martyr, cAD 256 – 288
Thursday 21st January    St. Agnes  Virgin Martyr, c291 – c304
Friday 22nd January    St. Vincent  Deacon, Martyr, 3rd century - c304
Sunday 24th January    St. Francis de Sales  Bishop, Doctor of the Church, 1567 – 1622
Monday 25th January    The Conversion Of St. Paul  Apostle, AD 34–37
Tuesday 26th January    St. Timothy  Bishop, Martyr, cAD 17 - cAD 97
St. Titus  Bishop, 1st century AD - 96 or 107
Wednesday 27th January    St. Angela Merici  Religious Educator, 1474 – 1540
Thursday 28th January    St. Thomas Aquinas  Priest, Doctor of the Church, c1224 – 1274
Sunday 31st January    St. John Bosco  Priest, c1815 - 1888
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February 2021

Date                                                   Feast Day (click on the name to find out further information)
Tuesday 2nd FebruaryThe Presentation Of The Lord
Wednesday 3rd FebruarySt. Werburgh  Patron Saint of the City of Chester, 650 - 700
St Blaise  Bishop, Martyr, Died 316 AD
St Ansgar  Bishop, 801 – 865
Friday 5th FebruarySt. Agatha  Virgin, Martyr, c231 – 251
Saturday 6th FebruarySt. Paul Miki and Companions  Martyrs, c1597
Monday 8th FebruarySt. Jerome Emilani  Humanitarian, c1486 – 1537
St. Josephine Bakhita  Religious sister, c1868 – 1947
Tuesday 9th FebruarySt Teilo  Bishop, c500 – c560
Wednesday 10th FebruarySt. Scholastica  Foundress of the Benedictine Nuns, c480-540
Thursday 11th FebruaryOur Lady Of Lourdes  
World Day of Prayer for the Sick  
Sunday 14th FebruarySt. Cyril  Monk, 826–869
Methodius  Bishop, 815–885
Wednesday 17th FebruaryAsh Wednesday  (Day of Fasting and Abstinence)
Seven Holy Founders of the Order of Servites  c1233
This Group of Clergy suffered death during a period of 150 years following the religious changes brought about by King Henry VIII. Those particularly celebrated in the Shrewsbury diocese include: St. John Plessington, St.Ambrose Barlow and St. Margaret Ward.
Sunday 21st February    First Sunday Of Lent  
St. Peter Damian  Bishop, Doctor of the Church c1007 – 1072
Monday 22nd February    The Chair Of St. Peter  Apostle, 1647 - 1653
Tuesday 23rd February    St. Polycarb, B.M.  Bishop, Martyr c69 - 155
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March 2021

DateFeast Day (click on the name to find out further information)
Tuesday 2nd March    St. David  Bishop, Patron Saint of Wales, c sixth century
Wednesday 3rd MarchSt. Casimir  1458 - 1484
Sunday 7th March    Ss. Perpetua and Felicity  Martyrs c200
Tuesday 9th MarchSt. Francis of Rome  c1384 - 1440
Wednesday 17th March St. Patrick, B.  Patron Of Ireland
Thursday 18th MarchSt. Cyril Of Jerusalem  Bishop, Doctor of the Church
Friday 19th MarchSt. Joseph  Husband Of The Blessed Virgin Mary
Tuesday 23rd MarchSt. Toribio de Mogrovejo  Bishop
Thursday 25th MarchThe Annunciation Of The Lord  
Sunday 28th MarchPalm Sunday  The Passion of the Lord
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April 2021

DateFeast Day (click on the name to find out further information)
Thursday 1st AprilMaundy Thursday  
Friday 2nd AprilGood Friday  
Saturday 3rd AprilHoly Saturday  Easter Vigil
Sunday 4th AprilEaster Sunday  
Monday 5th AprilEaster Monday  
Wednesday 7th April St. John The Baptist de la Salle  1651 - 1719
Sunday 11th AprilDivine Mercy Sunday  
St. Stanislaus  (Stanislaus of Szczepanσw) Bishop, Martyr, 1030 – 1079
Tuesday 13th AprilSt. Martin  Pope, Martyr, Died 655
Tuesday 20th AprilSt Beuno  Abbot
Wednesday 21th AprilSt Anselm  Bishop, Confessor, Doctor of the Church, 1033 – 1109
Friday 23rd AprilSt. George  Martyr, Patron Of England
St. Adalbert  Bishop, Martyr, c956 – 997
Saturday 24th AprilSt. Fidelius of Sigmaringen  Priest and Martyr, 1577 – 1622
Sunday 25th AprilWorld Day of Special Prayer for Vocations  
St. Mark  Evangelist, 5 - 68
Wednesday 28th AprilSt. Peter Chanel  1803 – 1841
St. Louis Marie de Montfort  1673 - 1716
Thursday 29th AprilSt. Catherine Of Siena  Doctor of the Church, Patron of Europe, 1347 - 1380
Friday 30th AprilSt. Pius V  Pope, 1504 – 1572
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May 2021

DateFeast Day (click on the name to find out further information)
Saturday 1st MaySt. Joseph the Worker  
Sunday 2nd MaySt. Athanasius  Bishop, Doctor of the Church, c297 - 373
Monday 3rd MaySaint Philip  Apostle
Saint James  Apostle
Tuesday 4th MayThe English Martyrs   
Wednesday 5th MaySaint Asaph   Bishop
Wednesday 12th MaySaints Nereus, Achilleus and Pancras  c304
Thursday 13th MayThe Ascension Of The Lord  Holy Day Of Obligation
Our Lady of Fatima  
Friday 14th MaySt Matthias  Apostle
Tuesday 18th MaySt. John I  Pope and Martyr, c5th Century
Wednesday 19th MaySt. Dunstan  Bishop, c909 - 988
St. Milburga  c745
Thursday 20th MaySt. Bernardine of Siena  Priest, Missionary, c1380-1444
Friday 21st MaySt. Cristσbal Magallanes Jara  Priest, and Companions, Martyrs
Saturday 22nd MaySt. Rita of Cascia  
Sunday 23rd MayPentecost Sunday  
Monday 24th May    Mary, Mother of the Church  
Tuesday 25th MaySt. Bede the Venerable  Priest, Doctor of the Church, c673 – 735
Gregory VII  Pope
St. Mary Magdalene de'Pazzi  Virgin
Wednesday 26th MaySt. Philip Neri  c1515 – 1595
Thursday 27th May    Our Lord Jesus Christ, Eternal High Priest  
St Augustine of Canterbury  Bishop, c6th Century
Saturday 29th MaySt Paul VI  Pope, 1897 - 1978
Sunday 30th May    The Most Holy Trinity  
Monday 31st MayThe Visitation of The Blessed Virgin Mary to Elizabeth  
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June 2021

DateFeast Day (click on the name to find out further information)
Tuesday 1st June    St. Justin  100–165
Wednesday 2nd June    Saints Marcellinus and Peter  Martyrs, c304
Thursday 3rd JuneSaints Charles Lwanga and Companions  Martyrs
Saturday 5th June    St. Boniface  Bishop, Martyr, c657–754
Sunday 6th June    Corpus Christi - The Most Holy Body and Blood of the Lord  
St. Norbert  Bishop, c1080–1134
Wednesday 9th June St. Ephreme of Syria  Deacon, Doctor of the Church, c306–373
St. Columba  Abbot, c521-597
Friday 11th June    Most Sacred Heart of Jesus  
St. Barnabas  Apostle
Saturday 12th June    Immaculate Heart of Blessed Virgin Mary
Sunday 13th June    St. Anthony of Padua  Priest, Doctor of the Church, c1195–1231
Wednesday 16th June     St. Richard of Chichester  c1197-1253
Saturday 19th June    St. Romuald  c951-1027
Sunday 20th June    St. Alban  c251-304
Monday 21st June    St. Aloysius Gonzaga  c1568–1591
Tuesday 22nd June    St. John Fisher  c1469-1535
    St. Thomas More  c1478–1535
    St Paulinus of Nola,  Bishop
Wednesday 23rd June    St. Etheldreda (Audrey)  Abbess, c636-679
Thursday 24th June    The Nativity of St. John The Baptist  
Sunday 27th June    St. Cyril of Alexandria  Bishop, Doctor of the Church, c370-444
Monday 28th June    St. Irenaeus  c130-200
Tuesday 29th June    Saints Peter and Paul  Apostles - Holyday of Obligation
Wednesday 30th June    The First Martyrs of The Church of Rome  
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July 2021

DateFeast Day (click on the name to find out further information)    
Thursday 1st July       St. Oliver Plunkett  c1625 - 1681
Saturday 3rd July       St. Thomas  Apostle
Sunday 4th July    St. Elizabeth of Portugal  c1271 – 1336
Monday 5th July    St. Anthony Mary Zaccaria  c1502 – 1539
Tuesday 6th July    St. Maria Goretti  c1890 - 1902
Friday 9th July    St. Augustine Zhao Rong  (Tortured and died 1815) and Companions All Martyred between 1648 – 1930
Sunday 11th July    St. Benedict  480 - 547
Tuesday 13th July    St. Henry  c973 – 1024
Wednesday 14th July    St. Camillus de Lellis  c1150 - 1614
Thursday 15th July    St Bonaventure  Bishop, Doctor of the Church
Friday 16th July    Our Lady of Mount Carmel  
Monday 19th July    St. John Plessington  Catholic Priest, martyred in Chester on 19th July 1679. Canonised Saint 25th October 1970
Tuesday 20th July    St. Apollinaris  
Wednesday 21st July    St. Lawrence of Brindisi  c1559 – 1619
Thursday 22nd July    St. Mary Magdalene  
Friday 23rd July    St. Bridget of Sweden  c1303 - 1373
Saturday 24th July    St. Sharbel Makhluf  c1828-1898
Sunday 25th July    St. James  Apostle
Monday 26th July    St. Joachim and St Anne  (Parents of the Virgin Mary)
Thursday 29th July    St. Martha  Disciple of the Lord (Sister of Mary and Lazarus)
Friday 30th July    St. Peter Chrysologus  c380 – 450
Saturday 31st July    St. Ignatius of Loyola  c1491 – 1556
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August 2021

DateFeast Day (click on the name to find out further information)    
Sunday 1st August    St Alphonsus Mary de' Liguori  Bishop, Doctor of the Church, 1696 – 1787
Monday 2nd August    St. Eusebius of Vercelli  c4th Century
St. Peter Julian Eymard  c1811 - 1868
Tuesday 3rd August    St Germanus of Auxerre  Bishop
St. Oswald  c642
Wednesday 4th August    St. John Mary Vianney  Priest, 1786 – 1859
Thursday 5th August    The Dedication of the Basilica of St. Mary Major
Friday 6th August    The Transfiguration Of The Lord
Saturday 7th August    Ss. Sixtus and Companions  c258
St. Cajetan  Priest, 1480 – 1547
Sunday 8th August    St. Dominic  Priest, 1170 – 1221
Monday 9th August    St. Teresa Benedicta of The Cross  1891 - 1942
Tuesday 10th August    St. Lawrence  Deacon, Martyr, 225 - 258
Wednesday 11th August    St. Clare  Virgin, 1194 - 1253
Thursday 12th August    St. Jane Frances de Chantal  Foundress, 1572 - 1641
Friday 13th August    St. Pontian  Pope, c235
St. Hippolytus  Priest, Martyr c170 – 235
Saturday 14th August    St. Maximilian Mary Kolbe  c1894 – 1941
Sunday 15th August    The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary   (Holy Day of Obligation)
Monday 16th August    St. Stephen of Hungary  c975 - 1038
Thursday 19th August    St. John Eudes  Priest, c1601 - 1680
Friday 20th August    St. Bernard  Abbot, Doctor of the Church c1090 – 1153
Saturday 21st August    St. Pius X  Pope, c1835 – 1914
Sunday 22nd August    The Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Monday 23rd August    St. Rose of Lima  c1586 – 1617
Tuesday 24th August    St. Bartholomew  Apostle
Wednesday 25th August    St. Louis  c1214 – 1270
St. Joseph Calasanz  Priest, c1557 – 1648
Thursday 26th August    Blessed Dominic of the Mother of God Barberi  Priest, c1792 - 1849
St David Lewis  Priest, Martyr, 1616 - 1679
Friday 27th August    St. Monica  c332 – 387
Saturday 28th August    St. Augustine  Bishop, Doctor of the Church, c354 – 430
Sunday 29th August    The Passion of St. John The Baptist
Monday 30th August    St. Margaret Clitherow  c1556 (executed 1586)
St. Margaret Ward  (executed 1588)
St. Anne Line  c1565 (executed 1601)
Tuesday 31st August    St. Aiden and the Saints of Lindisfarne
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September 2021

DateFeast Day (click on the name to find out further information)    
Friday 3rd September    St Gregory The Great  Pope, Doctor of the Church, c540 – 604
Saturday 4th September    St. Cuthbert  Bishop, c634 – 687
Wednesday 8th September    The Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary  
Thursday 9th September    St. Peter Claver  Priest, 1580 - 1654
Friday 10th September    St. Ambrose Barlow  c1585 – 1641
Saturday 11th September    St Deiniol  Bishop
Sunday 12th September    Most Holy Name of Mary  
Monday 13th September    St. John Chrysostom   c347 – 407
Tuesday 14th September    Exaltation of the Holy Cross  
Wednesday 15th September    Our Lady of Sorrows  
Thursday 16th September    St. Cornelius  Martyr, 3rd Century
    St. Cyprian  Bishop, Martyr, 3rd Century
Friday 17th September    St. Robert Bellarmine  Bishop, Doctor of the Church, c1542 – 1621
Sunday 19th September    St. Theodore of Canterbury  Bishop, c601
    St. Januarius  Bishop, c4th Century
Monday 20th September    Ss Andrew Kim Taegon, Paul Chong Hasang and Companions   Martyred between 1839 – 1867
Tuesday 21st September    St. Matthew  Apostle, Evangelist
Thursday 23rd September    St. Pio of Pietrelcina  c1887 - 1968
Friday 24th September    Our Lady of Walsingham  
Sunday 26th September    Ss Cosmos and Damien  Martyrs, c5th/6th Century
Monday 27th September    St. Vincent de Paul  c1581 – 1660
Tueday 28th September    St. Wenceslaus  c907 – 929
St. Lorenzo Ruiz and Companions  Martyred between 1633 – 1637
Wednesday 29th September    Ss Michael, Gabriel and Raphael  Archangels
Thursday 30th September    St. Jerome  Priest, Doctor of the Church, c340 - 420
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October 2021

DateFeast Day (click on the name to find out further information)    
Friday 1st October    Please pray for Mark, Bishop of Shrewsbury on the Anniversary of his succession 2010  
St Therese of the Child Jesus  Virgin, Doctor of the Church
Saturday 2nd October    The Holy Guardian Angels  
Monday 4th October    St. Francis of Assisi  c1181 – 1226
Tuesday 5th October    St. Thomas of Hereford  c1218 – 1282
Wednesday 6th October    St. Bruno  Priest, c1032 – 1101
Thursday 7th October    Our Lady of the Rosary  Established 1673
Saturday 9th October    St. Denis and Companions  Martyrs, c3rd century
St. John Leonardi  Priest, c1541 - 1609
Blessed John Henry Newman  1801 – 1890
Sunday 10th October    St Paulinus of York  Bishop, c600
Monday 11th October    St. John XXIII – Pope  c1881 – 1963
Tuesday 12th October    St. Wilfred  Bishop, c634 – 709
Wednesday 13th October    St. Edward the Confessor  c1003 – 1066
Thursday 14th October    St. Callistus I  Pope, Martyr, c200
Saturday 16th October    St. Hedwig  Religious, c1174 – 1243
St. Margaret Mary Alacoque  Virgin, c1647 – 1690
St Richard Gwyn  Schoolmaster, Martyr, 1537 – 1584
Sunday 17th October    St. Ignatius of Antioch  Bishop, Martyr, c100
Monday 18th October    St. Luke  Apostle, Evangelist
Tuesday 19th October    Ss John de Brιbeuf and Isaac Jogues, Priests, and their Companions  Martyrs
    St Paul of the Cross  Priest, 1694 – 1775
    St. Peter of Alcantara  Died c1562 – Canonised 1699
Friday 22nd October    St. John Paul II  Pope, 1920 – 2005
Saturday 23rd October    St. John of Capestrano  Priest, c1386 – 1456
Sunday 24th October    St. Anthony Mary Claret  Bishop, c1807 – 1870
Tuesday 26th October    St. Chad  Bishop, c672
St. Cedd  Bishop, c664
Thursday 28th October    St. Simon  Apostle
St. Jude  Apostle
Sunday 31st October    All Saints  (Holy Day of Obligation)
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November 2021

DateFeast Day (click on the name to find out further information)    
Tuesday 2nd November    The Commemoration of all the Faithful Departed  
Wednesday 3rd November    St Martin de Porres  Religious
St. Winefride  Secondary Patron of the Diocese c6th/7th century
Thursday 4th November    St. Charles Borromeo  Bishop, c1538 - 1584
Saturday 6th November    St Illtud  Abbot
Sunday 7th November    St. Willibrord  Bishop, c658 – 739
Tuesday 9th November    Dedication of the Lateran Basilica  
Wednesday 10th November    St. Leo The Great  Elected Pope in 440 – died 461
Thursday 11th November    St. Martin of Tours  Bishop, c316 - 397
Sunday 14th November    Remembrance Sunday  Day of Special Prayer for all victims of War
Monday 15th November    St. Albert The Great  Bishop, c1200 – 1280
St. Josaphat  c1580 – 1623
Tuesday 16th November    St. Edmund of Abingdon  Bishop, c1175 - 1240
St. Margaret of Scotland  c1046 - 1093
St. Gertrude The Great  1256 – 1302
Wednesday 17th November    St. Hilda  Abbess, c614 - 680
St. Hugh of Lincoln  Bishop, 1140 - 1200
St. Elizabeth of Hungary  Married Woman, Religious, 1207 - 1231
Thursday 18th November    Dedication of the Basilicas of St. Peter and Paul  
Sunday 21st November    Our Lord Jesus Christ King of the Universe  
The Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary  
St. Cecilia  c4th Century
Tuesday 23rd November    St. Clement I  Pope, c100
St. Columbian  Abbot, c543 – 615
Wednesday 24th November    St. Andrew Dung-Lac & Companions  c1795 – 1839
Thursday 25th November    St. Catherine of Alexandria  c287 - 305
Sunday 28th November    First Sunday of Advent   
Tuesday 30th November    St. Andrew  Apostle
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December 2021

DateFeast Day (click on the name to find out further information)    
Friday 3rd December    St. Francis Xavier  Priest, c1506- 1552
Saturday 4th December    St. John of Damascus   Priest, Doctor of the Church, c675 – 749
Sunday 5th December    Second Sunday of Advent   
Monday 6th December    St. Nicholas  Bishop, c270 – 343
Tuesday 7th December    St. Ambrose  Bishop, Doctor of the Church, c340 – 397
Wednesday 8th December    The Immaculate Conception Of The Blessed Virgin Mary  
Thursday 9th December    St. John Diego Cuahlatoatzin   
Fridday 10th December    Our Lady of Loreto  
St John Roberts  Priest, Martyr
Saturday 11th December    St. Damasus I  Pope, c305 – 384
Sunday 12th December    Third Sunday of Advent   
Our Lady of Guadalupe  
Monday 13th December    St Lucy  c283 – 304
Tuesday 14th December    St John of the Cross  Priest, Doctor of the Church, c1542 - 1591
Sunday 19th December    Fourth Sunday of Advent   
Tueday 21st December    St. Peter Canisius  Priest, Doctor of the Church, c1521 – 1597
Thursday 23rd December    St. John of Kanty  Priest, c1390 - 1473
Saturday 25th December    The Nativity Of The Lord  
Sunday 26th December    The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph  
St. Stephen  The First Martyr
Monday 27th December    St. John  Apostle
Tuesday 28th December    The Holy Innocents  
Wednesday 29th December    St. Thomas Becket  Bishop, Martyr, c1118 – 1170
Friday 31th December    St. Sylvester I  Pope
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